Which Wireless uSB?

I need a wireless adapter for my new computer to go on the internet, there's no cable plug in my room.

Basically, I want an adapter that has a max download of 4-5megabytes/second so I can download "stuff" and do online gaming.

Basically, what download should I be getting to be able to game online effectively?

I can only choose from these as this is the only store in my area and I don't want to pay for shipping. All of these are rated at 150mbps. What max download will they give me and if I get max reception will I be able to get 4-5 megabytes/second?


I preferably would like to spend the least amount of money, so will the $13 do ok?

Also, theoretically, if my max download is 4-5megabytes/second, it won't matter if my USb is capable of 150 vs 300 mbps right?
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  1. based on feedback



    also the WN722N has detachable 4dB antenna and if that is not strong enough you can switch it out to a stronger one
  2. I've been using D-link stuff for a while and i'm happy with them.

    This one is using wireless n and its 300Mbit
    So it should get at least around 30MB.

    This should get a really good range.
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