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Recently had some changes to the way the computers in the house were arrnaged on the network and this has caused a malfunction that I am unable to resolve.

Let me give an overview on how it was and how things changed.

Had main rig in office/bedroom2 and htpc in living room. Main rig was connected via router directly through modem and htpc was connected same way through an inwall jack. Router is also wireless and had laptop connected via wi-fi. Original set-up was straightforward and easy using Homegroup and was able to share files across the entire network.

Had a roommate move in to bedroom number two and took the place of main rig. Moved main rig into living room and wired into network via new unmanaged switch. This is the point at which I lost all ability to share files, especially between main rig and htpc. There were no changes made to the OS regarding the sharing of files. I just plugged the computers in. Internet connectivity is not an issue as all pc's can connect.

I am thinking that it has to do with the homegroup and the new roommate's pc, as it appeared to have a homegroup unto itself already. I left homegroups on all PC's to try and start over. That didnt work. I am going to be upgrading main rig in about a month and reinstalling Win7 Ultimate on that machine but I will also be adding another pc (new build for the mrs.) to the network.

I would really like to have this fixed before then, so any help would be appreciated. I can provide error messages/windows messages once I return home from work today.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. When you moved your main rig to the switch did it by chance ask you to select if the network was Home Work or Public again? Is it possible it did and you maybe changed it off Home?

    Check the PC still thinks it is on a Home Network in Network and Sharing Center on all PC's

    When you say lost ability to share do you mean that even by browsing the network you cant see other PC's or access their files or both?
  2. I kept it as home.
    And here's the funny part, I can see the other computers on the network from both machines but cannot access files. I have chaged the sharing rules on both, but that doesnt work either. And on the main rig, the settings dont take. If i set everything to share, if i leave that screen and go back they all revert to "not sharing mode". does that help with the diagnosis?
  3. do you have a user password set up for the account on the main rig? if not set one and try again.
  4. You mean like a windows log in password?

    I dont have one set for either the main rig or the htpc.
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    try setting them one each then re do the shares
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