Windows 7 issue

I just bought a new Toshiba laptop with Windows 7. I downloaded I.E 8.0.
AOL 9.01. This seemed to work okay.

However I then tried to upgrade my McAfee bundle and I got a bluescreen.

I had to run the recovery disc.

Now I am reluctant to add any of the three packages..

Any suggestions.
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  1. dont put the mcafee bundle on it is junk!
    install avast 5.0 free antivirus,malwarebytes free edition,and install pctools free firewall plus!
  2. I would avoid McAfee, Norton....if you find the free ones burdensome w/o the update features.....or just want something better, it's hard to beat the following:

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite 2010 for 3 PC's - $39.95 ($13.32 per PC)
    Includes ZA Firewall, Kapersky AV and AM, Parental Control, AntiSpam

    F-Prot AntiVirus for 5 PC's - $29.95 ($5.99 each)

    I have been using F-Prot since 1992 and ZA Suite for about last 6 years. ZA is firewall / active scanner and F-Prot does nightly scans.

    look here for more info!

    free ones rate in top 5!
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