How to boost virtual memory speed?

How do you speed up virtual memory? I'm getting a WD 40gig 7200, but is there anything else I should be looking at to boost the speed of this endless frikkin bottleneck known as virtual memory?

thanks in advanced!

edit: I should point out that I already know getting more real memory (RAM) helps, and am addressing that w/ 512mb of DDR =)

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  1. If you're using win2k you can do any of these 3 options:
    1) Create two pagefile - one in the root directory and one on a different HD.

    2) Move the pagefile to a different hd. (won't be able to debug system failures)

    3) Set the initial size to the maximum size.
  2. Turn it off!!
    MUHAHAHA Actually although I have done that before a faster hard disk and more RAM as you stated are a good start!

    Jesus saves, but Mario scores!!!
  3. I tried that and windows wouldn't run right, Win 98 and I had 128 megs of RAM, which should have been enough. People can say what they want about Macs but I had one in college and I had no trouble turning off the virtual memory and running their OS (7.5 IIRC) AND Warcraft with 16 mb of ram, lol!

    A newbie is only a newbie for as long as you allow him to be.
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  4. Hehe...yeah I am a Mac hater (although I was not always)

    In the win95 machine I turned virtual memory off in I had 196 megs if I remember right....8 simm slots....

    Jesus saves, but Mario scores!!!
  5. hehehe
    geeeeeet moooooooooore raaaaaaaaaaam

    well make sure the swapfile is located at the start of your fastest drive, ideally in a small partition all by itself.
    failing that, keep it to the system partition (which is what i do)
    or an extreme solution, set up a RAID 0 array and have the swapfile on that :smile:

    but once you have 512Mb, you should have NOOOOO problems.

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  6. You're correct. Ideally, there is no better way to increase virtual memory by installing additional (physical) RAM. While virtual memory can make it seem as if you have unlimited memory, relying too heavily on this application when you don’t have enough RAM to run several programs at once can affect your computer’s overall performance.

    Anyway...Adjusting the default settings is possible to make it run even more smoothly. Windows sets the paging file size to 1.5 times the actual physical RAM. By increasing this amount you can avoid the common virtual memory error messages and freezes. You can follow these detailed steps on how to boost virtual memory here.
  7. The original question is over 8 years old, so we should probably close this topic.

    Memory is super-cheap now, and with 64-bit operating systems there's no practical limit to how much you can use short of the number of DIMM sockets you have on your motherboard. These days if you have a paging problem the only sensible thing to do is to add memory.
  8. sminlal said:
    The original question is over 8 years old, so we should probably close this topic.

    Yes, not only since it is 8 years old, also that he links to (I guess) his company selling some "memory optimization tool"..
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