USB or PCI wireless network adapter?

Hi folks,

Looking at getting an older second computer onto the internet. We have a wireless connection on the primary computer so I was looking at the TP-Link TL-WN321G USB network adapter, or the TP-LINK WN350GD PCI network adapter.

The end goal of course is to get the old computer onto wireless, but not sure what the best way to do it is. I'd think the motherboard would accept the PCI card though we do somewhat lack USB facilities. The computer uses a USB hub which I'm not sure if it would impact on internet speeds at all.

I've never tried to do this before so just looking for some advice.

Thanks :-)
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  1. Thanks for the reply, but it's not that helpful. I'm really trying to figure out if I should go with the PCI or USB option. I don't know if either one is uperior for any reason etc, feeling my way in the dark at the moment.
  2. I'd go with a PCI card. Depending on the card you'd have the option to change the antenna if its not good enough, or you could get a MIMO card with 3 antennas.
    USB still works good enough if your are close to the router, but i'd rather have a pci card if the pc has the space.
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