Logitech Cordless MX Duo - Broken Keyboard?

Well when I bought all my new stuff I think I got a little too excited "Oh man finally I have the money to buy a GOOD computer" because I didn't do complete research on some of my components.

Anyways, this Logitech Cordless MX Duo sounded awesome. And yes the MX700 is uber, even without drivers (i've had problems with logitech mouse drivers, dont ask :P). But the keyboard... ohhhh the keyboard. It fails to receive probably half of what i type, depending on angle, etc, no matter where the receiver is. WHen I originally had to hit the button on back to "connect" it, I don't know if it even worked, it didn't seem to recognize that I was even hitting the button.

Plus, I CAN'T put it in secure mode. I go to the Secore Keyboard screen through the drivers, and do Shift+Alt+F12 (if my memory serves) and NOTHING HAPPENS.

Another horrible thing. All the "advanced keys" do nothing what they're supposed to. F-Lock does Next Track, Next Tracks loads an IM client, etc etc.

Please help, i'm going insane!!

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  1. Try pressing the F-Lock key, lighting the F-lock light on the mouse-loader/receiver-unit. This enables/disables some functions, can't think of anything else. Works well for me.
  2. i just got this combo...did u try the troubleshooting software (right click on the i-touch icon). if the i-touch icon isnt showing up, the software isnt running and the buttons wont work. of course theres the ol' check the battery, connections ect. try moving reciever higher. if that helps you maybe you can help me: the f-keys dont work like a regular keyboard? i cant use em with games like wolfenstien. i may return both since the advanced functions just mess up games anyway. and the mouse feels like a brick (yuk).
  3. And I wanted to get this mouse and keyboard combo. For others of you who have this combo, have you encountered any other problems such as speed, response, distance from the receiver etc. Does the keyboard and mouse use the same batteries?
  4. the k.b. uses regular batteries (only mouse is rechargable). dont know how long they last as i just got it. you can get rechargeable ones seperate maybe but u gotta buy another recharger. i think both mouse/k.b. performance-wise is great. i checked the mouserate utility from toms and the mouse is getting a good 125 hz. its just really heavy. it REALLY bugs me you cant adjust the mouse orientation though. thats just crazy.
  5. hey picture_perfect does the mouse work in DOS or BIOS. I.e before windows actually loads? And does anybody know if this set works with Linux?
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