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I couldn't find any help from googling, so i came here.

I have a pretty confusing setup. That consists of my main modem router on the living room, then I have that connected to a powerline that is connected to another room, the powerline from there connects to another router that is turned in to an access point, that connects to mutliple computers, a mac and a pc with ethernet. My mac and my iPhone are also connected with Wi-Fi. My main router and my access point are Wireless.

So my problem is that, when I open my Mac, my internet will work just fine. But then if i open my pc while my Mac is on, the internet connection is shut down on my mac and works only on my pc, the wireless also shuts down the internet connectivity, it still broadcasts but without internet..

My question is what is causing this problem. Dont point out the obvious restart the router and your computers. I have already done that...

Thanks in advance, Charis.
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  1. Make sure that DHCP is turned "OFF" on one of the Routers and "ON " on the other
  2. Because I made my belkin router an access point, it's like it doesnt exist anymore, its only there for additional ethernet ports and wireless extension... So yeah, DHCP was turned on my main router, and there arent any same IP addresses blocking the network.
  3. Does the windows PC have internet connection sharing enabled? if so disable it.
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