How to set up a NetGear WNDR3400v2 as a repeater?

I have a netGEar WNDR3400v2 wireless router which I want to set up as a base station and use the same model router as a repeater to extend my wireless range to the other end of my house? Is that possible, and if yes, how do I accomplish the task? Thank you.
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    Take a look at page 78 of your manual for the setup.

    Yes it is possible, although it is often a better solution to configure an access point (AP) at the other end of the house if you can do a CAT5e cable run. If you do go with a repeater, place it close enough to the base router that it gets a good signal or you will not get a good result.

    The greater your distance and obstacles the better an AP is for the problem. I occasionally run APs off of powerline adapters when I can't do a cable run -- works well.
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