Can't install my Audigy XGamer...

Let me first say I disabled my onboard sound(AC97 - Avance AC97 Audio for VIA (R) Audio Controller driver installed)through the BIOS before I tried this... (I also have a question about the onboard sound, but I will make another post for that question)

When I try to install my Audigy XGamer my PC acts like it is booting and everything but my monitor stays in suspend mode. Without the card installed in a PCI slot the PC boots 100%.
So I figured the Audigy is having an IRQ conflict with my GeForce4 ti4400. The GF4 is listed at IRQ 11.
I went into the BIOS and set IRQ 11 to reserved and booted up again... this time the GF4 was on IRQ 9. I then went and installed the Audigy into the PCI slot and booted the machine. It booted and I saw that the PC was showing it on a different IRQ than the GF4, so I was happy.... until...
When Windows got loaded up I went to install the drivers from the Audigy drivers CD errors starting happening... but not hardware errors... everything, and I do mean everything started erroring out on me... an error box finally popped up saying the Explorer.exe was corrupt and I needed to reinstall Windows... so after I cursed at the machine for a good two hours I took the Audigy back out, and switch everything back to what it was before. THEN I reinstalled Windows... and finally got everything back up and running.

Any clue what I could do in order to use this Audigy soundcard that I paid for? And how I go about getting it to work.

I have an Epox EP-8k3A+ motherboard(VIA Apollo KT333), Geforce4 ti4400, Audigy XGamer, AC97 onboard sound... if I left out any specs you need just post.

thanks for the help.

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  1. AMD cpu + VIA chipset motherboard means flaky Audigy and Live! performance (you can have a wide array of problems, including file corruption, random reboots/hang ups, poping and crackling sounds). You'll have to go with either a Turtlebeach Santa Cruz or a Hercules Game Theater XP--I had the same troubles with my setup when I got an XGamer.
  2. Hmm, good call...I should have bought the Santa Cruz first it seems... it was afterall my first choice... stupid me.
    So I am guessing the Santa Cruz would install just fine without conflicting with my other PCI devices then... if so I will be ordering a Santa Cruz today.

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  3. The newer VIA chipset (KT266A and KT333) should not have problem with Audigy or Live.
  4. I have a 266a chipset (8kha+) and my audigy didn't work at all =\

  5. Welcome to Creative Tech Support where we strive to crash your computer. Since you've written us you must have one of the chipsets we currently do not support, don't worry though, we didn't put that on the box because we DO plan on supporting it. Look for our upcoming patch which will add VIA compatibility. It should be released sometime in 2007. Thanks for buying creative! We hope you continue to be a great customer!

    KT266 doesnt fly with audigy well at all in my experience. dunno about 333. The Asus A7V333 has been claimed by a few people here to work with the audigy.

    edit: forgot to mention the Live 5.1 and Audigy drivers were the cause of 3 complete reformats and reinstals for me in a period of 13 months. Every once in a while they corrupted mission critical VXD files. That was only in windows 98SE and Windows ME though. Didnt have that particular problem in Win XP. That was due to the OS not the drivers though...

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