Acer scanner s2w 3300u driver free download

I have an acer scanner 3300 U which I have not used for several years. Now I want to use it with my new laptop, Vaio, windows 8. I need to download the drivers and configure. Help and advice needed.
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  1. Acer stopped manufacturing scanners and providing support for them several years ago. There will certainly be no Windows 8 drivers available for any of them.

    However, help may be at hand in the form of a unique scanning software product called "VueScan" which supports many makes and models of USB scanners by installing a generic scanner driver and scanning software.

    Download the free trial and try it:

    If it works with your scanner, a serial number to keep using the software will cost you $39 (US dollars). That's very reasonable when you remember that standalone flatbed scanners are hard to find these days (you usually have to buy a scanner/printer all-in-one).
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