Windows XP Pro 2002 won't detect wireless network


I've looked through the forums and I've tried all of the suggestions that I've found that apply to my situation, but nothing's worked yet.

I am trying to get my Husband's laptop connected to the internet. About a week ago he got the BSoD with 'Unmountable_Boot_Drive', but our friend was able to fix it. He said something about changing the BIOS? I can't remember exactly what it was.

Now, though the computer is working, it won't connect to the internet. The wireless is turned on, the firewall is off, there are no yellow exclamation points. It says the wireless in on, but it will not find our wireless internet, or any of the other apartments around us. (For example, I'm on my laptop right now, on our internet connection just fine, and there are seven others in range.)

The Laptop is an IBM ThinkPad
Running Microsoft XP Professional Version 2002, SP3
Wireless is an Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection

It also sometimes says " 'HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4242N' device can now be safely removed from the system." Is there some sort of conflict between the built in drive and the wireless network? There never was before. Is such a thing even possible?

I'm about to go visit my parents for a week, which means my poor husband will be internetless. HELP!
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  1. My guess is that he formated the laptop and didn't install the drivers for the device.
    Or the TCP/IP protocol.
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