think this was a good deal?

I bought an AIW128 16MB AGP from my friend for 30bucks canadian... you guys think i got a good deal or did i get ripped off?

Hey Baby, I'll install YOUR RAM, if you boot my Hard drive!
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  1. That is a great deal.
  2. If they're not planning on doing much 3D gaming, it'll do nicely. I wouldn't recommend trying to use this card for any game that is less than a year old though, as it is now 2 generations behind the mainstream.

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  3. That B $20USD...Nice deal. If you have some juice to back it up, you can make some nice rips with that baby. Put some hard to find OOP VHS onto VCD or DVD...that's what she's fer.

    Or put that Dukes of Hazard collection into file for easier storage and playback.


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