Wireless network without an internet service

Hello All,

I'm thinking of buying this, which is on special on Newegg:

TRENDnet TEW-731BR Wireless-N Home Router

It has a port named "WAN" and 4 additional ethernet jacks. If I take and plug an ethernet cable from my wired home network into one of the 4 ethernet (not the WAN) ports and nothing else, then can I be able to take a wireless laptop and connect to the wired network to access my other computers, NAS, and wireless printer...without an internet connection??? I have a couple wireless devices that I want to use and be able to connect to my home's wired network and its devices, such as my NAS.

Thanks so much in advance ...I hope I'm right with the statement above...I'm sure I'll have to go into the settings and change a few things (maybe).
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  2. Yes, there's nothing else you have to do, just plug in your cables and go. Of course, any domain names and IP addresses outside the scope of your local network (e.g., 192.168.1.x) will just not resolve.
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