i have a laptop and a pc. the pc is where the wireless router and internet modem is connected to. i want to get rid of the pc as it is taking up way too much room. would this effect the internet and how do i set up? thankyou
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  1. It shouldn't. If you have the desktop PC off, does the laptop wireless work properly -- if so you do not need the desktop.
  2. hello
    however the internet cables are attatched to the pc and if i disconnect the pc and give it away the internet wont work? is their another solution around this?
  3. So if you disconnect the desktop, the laptop loses its wireless connection to your router, or are you saying that you do not have a router and use the desktop wireless to connect ad hoc to the laptop?
  4. if i disconnect the pc desktop then the internet modem doesnt light up which means theres no internet
  5. Kind of confused here but you do have the router plugged into the modem via Ethernet cable correct? If so then unplugging the computer from the router will not cause any issues with the laptop.
  6. I too am confused. Please describe your devices and connections -- where does the laptop get an Internet connection now? Wireless or wired? Do you have a router?
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