Upgrading Vista 32-bit to Win7 64-bit with Raid 0

I have tried every option to upgrade vista 32-bit to Windows 7 64bit. After installing vista (in raid 0) I would insert my Win7 home Premium upgrade disk (64 bit) and boot I would just get a blue wallpaer screen and no prompt for language sellection. I can upgrade to Windows 7 32bit no poblem but not 64 bit. Can some one help me please.
TIA :)
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  1. You can't do an inplace upgrade from a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit, a clean install is required. Boot in with the W7 64 bit disk, run setup, choose custom install.
    For more help go to:
  2. I can't. If I try and run setup.exe (from my Win 7 64bit dvd it from vista 32 or win 7 64bit it won't work. If I try and boot of the Win 7 64 bit DVD it shoes inital black & white loading screen then just the blue win 7 setup wallpaper without the language and keyboard option screen. This does not happen If I install IDE. Now I have raid 0 setup. The link you gave me does not mention raid.
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