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Hello, I looking to buy a spool of Cat cable but cant figure or which kind to get I know getting Cat 6 would be best for future proofing faster than Cat5e. Which seems like it gets the job done already. I work at a car Dealership Where the Techs Go through cables pretty quickly when they are programming the vehicles. the Cables get slammed in the doors, get ran over ,etc. Was wondering if there is any Durable cable that can stand these conditions at all or would it be best just to but cat5e because its cheaper? Also with the rj-45 connectors(i believe thats the right connector) same thing is there different ones with better quality?
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    They make cat5e with plenum, but that's for fire resistance. It's a little more duable, but probably not worth the cost. The RJ45 ends are always plastic. Some have snagless clips, but they are still plastic. I'd probably stick with the cheaper cat5e.
  2. Seems like it be best go cheap route. Now got to figure out how much to charge per cable. Thank you wasn't sure if they made strong durable cables for fields like this.
  3. They also make cat5e rated for direct burial, but it's only benefit is it's moisture proof.
  4. CAT5e cable should be fine

    material cost times two plus, if you want to charge, however much 10 minutes of your time is worth
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