Dowload WINDOWS starter for acer 5733

where can i find or download a windows starter cd if i want to restore my laptop ti its original factory settings
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  1. Hello dhel1802;

    You shouldn't need any CD for a factory restore.
    There should be a copy sitting on your hard drive waiting to go.
    Still have your original hard drive?
  2. Didn't your Acer Aspire 5733 Notebook come with Windows 7 Home Premium already installed?
  3. nope... i bought this from a friend only drive C and drive I is left
  4. Do you have the license key for the copy of Windows that was installed?
  5. it has a windows ultimate.. but i guess its not the riginal one
  6. i dont have it also...
  7. That's a good guess. How much did you pay for it? I'm guessing there's no license sticker on the case or maybe around the battery attachment point?

    Without a valid license key, Im not sure your friend did you any favors sticking you with a pirated OS.
  8. Did you see any original purchase paper work? Any chance your friend acquired the notebook through 'less than legal' channels?
  9. lately i discovered that it always hang.. they told me to restore it to original settings but.. its asking for a cd from the manufacturer
  10. yes he bought this in a well known supermarket.. and it is still there same model but i think he change the windows starter to windows ultimate outside..
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    Even if he did that - the original hidden partition could still be on the HDD.

    Check and see if you can get it to load for you:
  12. ok i will try it.. thank you so much... but one last thing.. if this thing did not work... is there anyway to bring my laptop working??? i really dont care about the files but i dont want to end up crying..
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  14. It sounds like the hardware is OK.

    One option is a free operating system - like Linux.
    If you want to test it out first.... you can download and burn a bootable CD or USB thumb drive.
    It's not 'windows' but it's also not so different you can't figure it out with some of the help guides out there. Ubuntu Desktop

    It's fully worth your time bugging your friend for the missing license key.
    Other options - (that still have a problem with missing license key for activation):
    Borrow a friends Win7 installation media.
    Download and burn your own install media. example
  15. dhel1802 said:
    where can i find or download a windows starter cd if i want to restore my laptop ti its original factory settings

    Contact the laptop manufacturer. They would be able to provide a disk(s) with all necessary drivers and OEM software, just like when it was new. I have done this with Dell and HP when selling off laptops, both provided the disks without any hassle.

    Also, you would need the CD key for the OEM Windows install. This is commonly placed on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop (if it hasn't worn off).
  16. Hello I don't no if IM in the right place and sorry for not adding to the previous topic.
    My friend has been given a laptop with pirate w7u by his dad and it has had a new hard drive fitted so without saying the recovery partition is gone! Although it still has its original s/n for windows 7 starter I also have the same laptop and was wondering was there a way I could copy over the recovery and then use his s/n ? Any help would be very appreciated
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