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Hello, recently we convinced our neighbor to update his Win95 computer and get back into the technology age. He for whatever reason refuses to get his own internet conection, I told him we might be able to broadcast our RR connection down to him.

The distance is about 100 yards give or take. I told him the router I have now is probably not useful at all. It is a NETGEAR WGR614v9.

I have no experience trying to make a router go this distance. I understand there is a lot of new things such as putting DDWRT into routers and making wireless bridges?

I have no measured the distance between houses, I imagine it is the length of a football field. I could be off. I can take pictures or maybe try to find someone with a wheel

Thank you again for your time.
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  1. 100 yards is getting close to the max distance of a G wireless router; therefore, the signal might not be strong enough to connect properly.
  2. Depending on the distance, I don't think that even using wireless bridges would be possible as I'm not sure how you would be able to keep them plugged in between your houses. I'm not sure what the max distance on an ethernet cable is but I think its pretty long (over ~100 meters). You could buy your own cabling/crimper and make a super long cable between your houses?
  3. Does N go further than G? He is willing to buy a router for our house, a repeater for his house and a N receiver for his desktop. I have about $140 to spend.

    I'm willing to do any kind of out of the box solution. I'm young, I'll climb on the garage roof and put some antenna up there and run Ethernet to it and put it in a acrylic box.

    I think I may go take a HD Video of the layout. I'd be willing to tip someone thru paypal to help me price the equipment and keep it simple and cheap.
  4. That is pretty far for G or N with an omnidirectional antennae.

    You won't really get a reasonably priced "out of the box" solution, you'll need to put a couple of things together. What you will probably need for good performance, if you have line of sight, is a directional antenna on your end aimed at his directional antenna, something like: I used a pair to get a signal to my guest house and it worked very well.

    I wish I had neighbors that would spend even $1 to help me, much less $140. :)
  5. Just an update, putting my old router by the window and putting an extender in his garage got a green signal on the extender and he is getting about 5mbps which he is happy about.
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    If he has issues with the signal you can always try changing wireless channels. There is a freeware program inSSIDer that runs in Windows and shows you all wireless signals around you with signal strength and channel numbers.
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  8. Thank you for the program info, Realbeast. Love inSSIDer!!!
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