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I used to have an HP Pavillion p6340f desktop computer, and then I decided to build my own. I moved the parts I'd installed in it over the years to the new build, plus the wireless card that came with the Pavillion. Strangely, with the same drivers and setup, the card refuses to find any WiFi signals - not the one it was connected to prior to the move nor the other networks around the area. Changing the drivers, uninstalling the device, rebooting - nothing will work. The symptoms are exactly the same as when I moved the card to another slot on the Pavillion. Please help!
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  1. The system can actually see the card then? As in if you go to device manager there is not a yellow circle with an exclamation mark in it next to your wireless adapter?
  2. Yeah, the card is detected and installed fine. Device Manager reports nothing wrong with the card.
    New drivers don't change anything.
  3. disable all firewall and antivirus software and see if anything changes
  4. Nope, nothing changed at all.
    Internet works fine when using iPad as wireless adapter... but obviously, it's not a permanent solution.
  5. Anyone? I need this fixed ASAP.
  6. Do you have your router set to Broadcast or Hide the SSID? Will need to be on Broadcast
  7. It's broadcasting. The card worked before with the same router, same settings. It also used to be able to pick up other signals in the area.
  8. Well, I finally found the problem: the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter wasn't installing itself. I messed around in the settings for my adapter until Windows installed the Virtual Adapter, and then, after a reboot, the WiFi came back on!
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