Is it normal to have to reset a wireless router at least once a week?

I thought by purchasing an expensive router the linksys 4500 I would n longer have to reset on a fairly normal basis. All computers on the network are attached to the network, and the signal is good, but internet has been dropped. cycling power on the router fixes the problem. I currently have two pcs wired, a printer wired (eternet) a usb drive connected, and two pcs plus multiple tvs and a ps3 wireless, but all devices are powered down at night except the printer.
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    So your still losing internet connectivity? Does this happen on a regular basis/time interval? If so, see if connected directly to the modem (Other devices would not be online) if the internet connection stops working. Very possible the actual ISP/WAN connection is the culprit.

    When this does happen, Can you still access everything on the local network? as in when your internet stops working, can you still share files between computers or send print jobs to the printer? This would indicate the router is working or if it is not working and help you determine if maybe a DSL/Cable modem will solve your problems
  2. No, it's not normal. I agree with jgutz2006 that it is probably upstream from your router, so either your modem or ISP -- maybe hanging on lease renewal if it is regularly periodic.
  3. well, it's been a week now without any problems....hopefully it continues to march on but if/when it does happen again, thanks @jgutz2006, instead of running to cycle the power, I will approach it more from a problem solving / investiigative point of view.
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