ASUS X5DIJ Won't burn anything to dvd

My ASUS X5DIJ has windows movie maker and windows dvd maker.

I've been trying to burn a video diary I edited on windows movie maker but when I go to burn it it says "the disc in your DVD burner is not a recordable or re-writable DVD, please insert etc..."

I just bought kodak DVD-R 16x 4.7gb 120 min

Can anyone help me???

I do not have access to a mac or a PC just this asus laptop.
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  1. please help :(
  2. Hello,

    Have you tried another blank DVD? Have you used the DVD burner much?
  3. sounds like your burner kicked the bucket
    a new one is 20 or 30 bucks

    that or it cant use those discs... which is entirely possible. burners can be very picky about what they like to burn. have you used these discs before? can you try a different disc?
  4. Funny, I had this with Kodak DVD's, my PC's didn't like them but loved cheapo 50 piece spindle from Tesco.
  5. I never had muck luck with windows burning software. Download CDburnerXp it's free I haven't had much problem with it.
  6. burning software has nothing to do with the disc no being recognized
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