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I'm wondering if anyone has experience redirecting DNS traffic onto a separate dedicated line to improve user experience?

I currently have CenturyLink (Qwest) DSL (12Mbps/896Kbps) and Comcast Cable (12Mbps/2Mbps) going into a Cisco RV08. I redirected all DNS traffic to the DSL line as an experiment with no decrease in web browsing speed.

We are rural and speeds fluctuate considerably during the day. It seems like it's more of a response issue than a bandwidth issue.

I would like to order a 2Mbps dedicated line from Comcast to use for DNS and VOIP traffic only, the DNS resolution times should be faster on that connection. There would be several tenants in this building using it for that purpose. The secondary purpose of this line would be for backup internet connectivity.

Getting a faster dedicated line is just too expensive at this time.
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  1. If you want the best DNS response time, you might consider changing your DNS provider rather than using a dedicated line. Steve Gibson over at GRC.com has developed a nice utility for this purpose.


    Use it to test your DNS against others, and choose an alternative that works best for you.
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