Needs HP TWAIN driver for HP scanner

Does anyone know where/if I can find a TWAIN scanner driver that supports my HP 1100Axi printer/scanner/copier? Does HP even provide a TWAIN compliant scanner driver for the 1100Axi? Ive been snuffing around the HP site and cant find support for this scanner in XP Pro. Thanks.
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  1. try if it exists it will usually be there...

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  2. Cool site. However, I spoke with HP yesterday and they obsoleted my 1100Axi 3-in-1 PSC in 2001 and never wrote any XP drivers for the Im SOL...and have a $400+ HP PSC that cant scan! I checked driverguide and they offer drivers for WIN 98 thru 2000-too bad HP eats their young.
  3. i know this is a late reply, but i hope you didnt threw your all in one away.
    check out this site they have written drivers for your AIO.

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