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I have a sound card SB Live Digital Entertainment 5.1, It said in the manual that this sound card can decode 5.1 Dolby Digital, and it was stated that I have to use analog rather than digital to make it happen, so I follow exactly the manual said, but why my digital port, which supposed to be the analog port (in analog mode) for center and subwoofer, didn't produce any sound..
just for information I connect the output to my external in for my amplifier Denon AVR 1620
Is my sound card broken????? please help me!!!!!!!!!
The manual also said that the digital out produce AC-3 Dolby but compacted, but in my ampli, didn't recognize it as dolby digital, so the meaning is I want to make the AC-3 dolby digital decoder works

please someone out there help me!!!!!!!!

thanks in advance

PS: I've tried the both way, digital and analog, and one more thing I know about digital out only, and it's not the problem that caused it
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  1. wow, thats deep, and i barely understood anything you said.

    From what i could read in between all the bad writing, I have to ask: what were you using to test the sound? Movies? If so its likely that your movie player wasnt set correctly. Dunno what player your using but make sure you have all the settings correct in it for 5.1 dolby digital sound output. If you were trying it with games...realize that not all games support 5.1 and uh, they output analog sound not digital.

    God i feel sorry for people trying to figure out all creative's control panels. Took me a year and i still didnt get it all.

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  2. I'm terribly sorry for my bad English, OK I'm trying to explain from the beginning.

    1. I have the SB Live 5.1 DE, there are 2 types of output, digital and analog. For digital, according to the manual, it contain AC-3 SPDIF, so it means it contain 6 channel right??
    2. If it contains 6 channel, then on the minijack how many black ring on the jack (ie. mono is single black ring, stereo is 2 black ring), is there any minijack with 3 black ring??? Because when I use monojack, it didn't produce any sound, but when I use stereo jack, both left and right produce it's own channel, left for front channel and right for rear channel, so where's the center and sub woofer channel???
    3. According to the manual, AC-3 Dolby digital Decoder can only be used when I use the analog output, and it said that digital output port is the same port as center and sub woofer in analog, but when I try to play my DVD using PowerDVD but I forgot the version, the center and sub woofer not producing any sound, I've tried many output, SPDIF out, Waveout, DirectSound, 4 speaker, all of it cannot produce sound for center and sub woofer, and btw, my DVD is using Dolby Digital 5.1, not DTS
    4. Yesterday, I read the manual again, I read it over and over again, and finally I got something new, it's Minijack to Din cable, is it supposed to be used when I use Amplifier which have the abilities to decode dolby digital and DTS too, I read some from the internet that using decoder from the amplifier is better then using the decoder on the sound card

    Finally the point of all this, I don't care whether it's analog or digital, but I bought this sound card, so I can play it on 5 channel, in gaming, movies, etc, because now my amplifier using 5 channel stereo because of single input digital, I don't have minijack to Din, as a matter of fact, I'm looking for it now

    I really really hope my English are better this time, so you can understand it, and please help me.. I've spend too much dollars in this one, speakers, amplifiers and sound card, please help me anyway you can, and I thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it

    thanks again in advance
  3. Okay, i get what your asking now. Went through this myself with the audigy and my old Altec ACS890's. That speaker set came with the adapter you refer to though i believe. try Radio Shack for an adapter if you have one near you or whatever your local equivalent electronics store is. That speaker set i had only did a virtual 5.1 though. Theoretically you just plug everything in. Set your speaker config to 5.1, turn OFF digital output only, set effects to NONE, this is extremely important, if you want eax to work right in games that support it, the audigy cards effects setting must be set to none. If you set it to EAX it'll forget about the games audio instructions and do its own funky 2d representation of what it might sound like.

    Now, here's the tricky part, the above was all theoretical. Problem is, i've never seen it actually work that way. I have yet to see anyone get all 3 outputs to work simultaniously on a Live or Audigy.

    Setting up sound systems has to be the most godawful complicated thing to do with a pc because nobody bothers to write decent instructions and there's a jillion different possibilities.

    For better help than i can possibly give. I seriously suggest you go to the speaker forum over at as the guys there have some incredible knowledge about setting up pc speaker systems. Hopefully they can help you fix this.

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