Wireless connecting ability doesn't exist on my Win XP


I've been looking at forums for hours trying to figure out how to connect my Windows XP Desktop to my homes wireless network system (my comp is outdated I know :/).

I have no trouble with my my mum's Windows 7 Laptop and no problems with my MacBook Pro, but how do I connect this old clunky XP to it?

Wireless Connections doesn't exist in my network connections tab, and in Services under Admin Tool - in the 'Wireless Zero Configuration Properties' is set to Automatic startup type and it is 'started'.

Let me know if you've got any ideas, otherwise it's going to be a long cable down the hall :/

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  1. Do you have a wireless card installed in the PC? If you are certain that you do does it have the drivers installed in order for it to function. Check in Device manager under the Network Adaptors Heading to see the adaptors that are in the system
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