Need an ethernet access in my garage

I have my modem and wireless router in my office. I want to connect a DVR in my garage to the network - but the device requires an ethernet connection.
How can I get an ethernet connection in my garage without running an ethernet cable all the way from my office to my garage?
The wireless signal from my router in the office is still ok in the garage - can I buy another router and connect it wirelessly to the main router and then use the ethernet ports in the secondary router to connect the DVR??? If yes, how?
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  1. routers usually do not support bridge mode to connect wirelessly to the main router; however, some routers can use DD-WRT firmware to achieve that capability.

    ASUS RT-N16
    Netgear WNR3500

    if you have already a router in mind, you can see if it can use that firmware here
  2. You should be able to setup a wireless Access Point to do what you require which are not that expensive. However a far easier way would be to use the Powerline Adapters that use your hose power cables as the network.
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