Error Installing Sound Card into WinXP.

When I go to install a new sound card in WinXP, I cancel out of the new hardware wizard as instructed, and run driver setup. I get the following error;

"Cannot install this hardware.
There was a problem installing this hardware
'Multimedia Audio Controller'
An error occurred during the installation of the device.
The data is invalid"

What is with this message? There appears to be no other error message to research.

I have tried both the drivers on the CD, and the ones of 4/26/02 on the vendor's site.

Can you please help? This is a new computer I built myself, no prior sound card.

CPU Processor: P1.8A (512K cache)
RAM: 256 PC-2100 DDR
Operating System:Win XP Home
Video Card:Leadtek GeForce 3 Ti200
CD-ROM (type and speed): Samsung DVD
Sound Card: Turtle Beach Santa Cruz S/N CN-038FRH-48200-1BE-3Q0J P/N 038FRH
Mobo: ABit BD7II

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  1. I am having somewhat of a similar problem. The speakers work in analog, but not digital; and when I try to update drivers, it says that there is no audigy installed...but it's listed as installed AND working in my device manager.
  2. You guys talking about two different cards and two different problems....nothing similar...

    And as to the answers, i have absolutely no clue. Could be a bad sound card, could be a bad OS install, could be other driver related problems, could be anything...

    Personally...sounds like a bad card, take it back and try another one.

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  3. i had exact same problem last night with santa cruz.installed by their instructions in the manuel,got the same message as you did. so i just used the restore feature in xp and back up a couple of days before i installed it and let windows install the drivers. worked the first time. hope this works for you.(funny how they say the santa cruz won't work if you don't cancel the found new harware wizard).
  4. Interesting.

    Sounds like the SC driver install is bugged to me. That is one thing to note about the windows XP hardware wizard though. I don't think it will EVER hurt you to use it. XP is great about allowing you to change, update, and roll back drivers. It also won't blow up your system if a card gets installed badly. It'll just disable that card. So, don't be scared to play around with it and try methods the manual says not to...hehe.

    The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the empires state building, along came goblin, wiped the spider out
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