Using a wireless router as a range extender

Here's the situation. I started out with a wireless router/modem that my ISP provides as its default modem. It was and still is working fine. We will call this router A. My uncle who is living with me wasn't receiving the wifi signal in his room so he went and bought a different router that is supposed to have more range. Also, I believe it is capable of providing higher speeds wirelessly, but that is really irrelevant I think. We can call this new router B. I currently have router B running through router A with an ethernet cable into a LAN port- LAN port to LAN port. I basically want B to be a wireless range extender.

My question is quite simple actually. I have everything up and running just fine, but it seems as if the wireless signal may still be coming from the old router A. Will it work if I just disable wifi in Router A and have it enabled in B?
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  1. I got that far. Once I complete the step am I free to move the "access point" anywhere in the house or does it have to stay connected to the original router?

    IF that's the case is there any way I can be certain im receiving the "access point" signal or my original router's signal?
  2. the way it is configured now it needs to stay connected via network cable to the main router

    the AP can have a different SSID than the main router

    what make, model, and revision it router B?

    This is router B. Also I ran into another issue. Should I be plugged into Router A or B with my wired connections? I had them running through A. One of my computers was working fine, but the other one seemed to be getting it's default gateway address forced from router B. I power cycled router A, then both my computer were getting B's forced gateway it seemed. I shut everything down, rebooted A, rebooted the computers, then rebooted B and everything seems to be working ok. Just kind of wondering if I should be running through B wired?

    On another note. I can assign router B it's own SSID then to identify it easier from what you are telling me. I will have to try it later and get back to you probably tomorrow.
  4. it sounds like you did not disable the DHCP on routerB.

    it should not matter which router the computer is plugged into.

    the EA4500 does not support wireless bridge mode (meaning linksys will wirelessly connect to your main router)
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