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Bad Geforce 4 TI construction, MUST READ!

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March 20, 2002 11:29:03 PM

I got my TI4400 by PNY , when applying Thermaltake heatsinks and the blue orb.... THE CAPACITORS STARTED FALLING OFF !!!!

i managed to find 2 and solder them back on, one fell off while i was soldering a second on... it works with one missing on the back of the GPU, and maybe more that i didnt notice yet missing.

the numbers on the card are seen on the sticker incase PNY decides to do a recall of my production week card.

all it is, is horrible soldering. one of the caps that came off, didnt even have one of those marks it would make if it contacted the solder (solder looked like in a hole on the pcb on one side, so i added my own all over).

here are some links to pictures i have uploaded that i took with my digital camera (about 500k each, 1280x1024 ea.).
some wacky [-peep-] going on.

(btw, that yellow band was a rubber band i used to keep the orb on while the arctic alumina cured).

Just my post about krappy quality of video cards... (seeing as i have no money for a new card(im a student), im stuck in a ditch if the lost cap messed something up)

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March 21, 2002 1:50:40 AM

um how hard did u hit those resistors? I doubt they would fall off like that.... Also, did u try making mods to it, cause things like that don't just fall off.....

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