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hey, so heres the deal: i plugged a usb card reader into my pc the other day. when i plugged it in and tried to move some music onto a memory card the music transferred very slowly. then the transfer window froze. i ended the program and tried it afew more times with the same luck. i figured i just needed to restart my computer, so i did but windows would not start. im using windows 7 rc so im assuming the problem relates to the drivers for the usb device. i have another OS installed on the computer so i can access the file system of the OS im having problems with. since the problem is caused by the devices drivers would simply going in and deleting the drivers for the usb device fix the problem? i really want to fix the problem without needing to reinstall the OS, any advice would be helpful
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  1. Please remove the problem device...
  2. i already tried tht and it didnt help
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    Check the action center for errors. (i.e. type "action center" in the search box)
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