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I am looking for the Windows Clock/Log-on Timer/Boot Timer that reduces the wait time to the desktop. Sorry, if I have referred to it incorrectly. Please, fell free to correct me. I found it here once and now I have forgotten where to find it. I thought it was in the System Config area under boot. Is this correct?

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  1. Yes... have as little programs starting up automatically as much as possible, to decrease your Windows 7 boot time.
  2. Great. I wasn't absolutely sure. I noticed it defaults to 30 seconds. What is the safest minimum boot time to adjust to? I think I read somewhere 15 seconds. Additionally, my OS (Win 7 64-bit) is installed on an Intel X25 V 40GB SSD (AHCI) and a Western Digital 1TB for storage. I have MSE as the only program running at start up. The boot time is really good now but I want to tweak it a bit more, if it will allow me. I was thinking somewhere in the 10 second range might be safe now that I have the OS on the SSD?

    Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure if anyone would ever respond this post. It's been awhile. But the guy's here on this forum have been great to help out. Unfortunately, I can't say that for all forums I have encountered.
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    This doesn't sounds like how long it takes for his pc to boot, but how long it waits for an option to be selected from boot menu. If I'm correct and you wish to decrease this ..

    Control Panel\System and Security\System

    Advanced System Settings

    Startup And Recovery Settings

    Change the delay before starting default o/s.
  4. Yes, is that the same thing? Yes/No? Time to display the operating systems before booting. It defaults at 30 seconds. What is a safe delay for an SSD?
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