Linksys wmp600n problem please help

Hello everybody I hope that someone can help me

Ive got a car linksyswmp600n , but the sigal is worse as it was with tplink 7200nd.
The difference you can see here :

I tryied to check both of antena conectors.When I tryied the right one , i havent got any signal.
When the other one Ive got 2-3 ssids.Wen both it was the same.

My question is if the card is faulty or it is normal because the seller says that it has a mimo technology ad i cant check the conenctors without each other
But i think its a bullsh** because when its multiple in/outpu , every antenna should have some gain or ?
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  1. are you using the Linksys software to manage the card?

    if so, make sure windows manages the card and uninstall Linksys software
  2. Yes iam using Linksys soft to manage the card

    Ok i will try this
  3. Well I uninstalled the driver and let the windows manage the card but its the same.
    Does anyone own this card ?
  4. Ive tryied the ralink driver but its the same :(
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