Should i buy more memory???

I have a:
Pentium III 600MHZ
Asus motherboard (don't sure which)
128 SD-RAM 100MHZ

and i want to add more 256 Memory.
I want it cheap and good so i picked
Micron 256 SD-RAM 100MHZ
(my motherboard doesn't accept memory with more than 100MHZ...)

I want to buy it because i think it will make my computer faster.( especially on Win XP)
For example: I have GTA 3 and it works in a "nice" speed and it enough for playing but still slow, the memory may make it work smooth or better?

Is it worth it?
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  1. With memory, the more the better. Even if you buy PC133 SDRAM, it should be backwards compatible with your PC100 and work at 100mhz.

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  2. Yeah, 128MB is just enough for Windows XP, but adding that much will help out immensely. I always recommend at least 256MB for a Windows XP system.

    If you don't know what motherboard model you have, see if <A HREF="" target="_new">Belarc Advisor</A> (free) can help you find out. Then, check out <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and use their memory wizard to see if you can get some good quality and low cost memory. They offer free shipping, too.


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  3. 512MB is the least amount of memory I will put in any computer these days. I think this should be the minimum in all new, or even slightly old, PC's. But this doesn't apply to that PIII533 that's still running Win98se.

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