Port Scanning attack

My firewall keeps telling its blocked Port Scanning Attacks.
It's always scanning the same IP: Port at exactly 20 minutes intervals,it's been going for a couple hours.
6/17/2012 4:24:01 PM Detected Port Scanning attack TCP
I'm no expert but these IPs seem pretty ....default. Should I be worried?
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  1. this is internal so it is either a program you have installed or a virus trying to get out. the first port 53698 can be linked to Utorrent but the otehr one maybe a virus so make sure to update and scan your system in Safe mode.

    Bottom line is thought that no one is actively attacking your system.
  2. Tried Malwarebytes,Combofix and ESET normally,nothin

    ESET Wouldn't work in safe mode,the other 2 got nothin outta safe mode eiter.
  3. you are probably ok then you can post up a hijackthis log if you want and we can have a look.
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