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hey guys, had a quick question regarding wireless networking. I currently have a wireless G setup in my parents house that I wanted to upgrade. Reasons for upgrading including upgrading to wireless N, and to also cover the whole house with wireless instead of having dead spots all over the place.

The way the house is built is such that I will need at least one repeater since the walls are built with solid concrete and also that the house is quite spread out. The internet connection is a 10mbps connection with a wdtv in the tv room (which I would like connected to network), but its quite far away from the rest of the users in the house (both on ground level and the upstairs). I'm not interested in powerline networking at this moment, partly due to the fact there would be a lot of noise as well as three power lines coming into the house, separated into different wings. The tv room is separated from the kitchen by about 50-75 feet. From the kitchen to the den is another 50-75 feet. And then the bedrooms are upstairs, with a ceiling height of 12-15 feet. I also have to mention that the rooms upstairs are spread out with about 50-75 feet distance between each room.

I was trying to figure out the different ways of doing this and if you guys could help me out understanding things, it would be much appreciated. I was initially thinking of connecting two routers via wireless bridging or wds; but from what I understand, that will cut your total network speed by half every time a new router is added to the network. What if I was to use one router, and then put up a one or two access points, would that make a difference with the network speed? I'm not sure if I need dual band in this house considering, they are my parents, and I doubt they will need both (or if they'll even notice theres another network there). Should I look for routers that can have ddwrt or tomato installed so that I can do wireless repeating within the menu itself?

The routers i'm considering include : belkin600 (dual band), dlink dir655, linksys e2000 (dual band), and buffalo WZR-HP-G450H or 300. (these are going in order from least expensive to most expensive). Feel free to suggest others that you feel would do the job.

Thanks for any help that you can provide guys, it really is much appreciated.
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