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Raid 1 vs. Raid 5

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June 5, 2002 3:23:23 AM

How much faster is Raid 5 that Raid 1? I am not as concerned with data protection as I am with speed. Is Raid 5 demonstrably faster?

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June 5, 2002 3:41:15 AM

I stumbled onto this:
<A HREF="" target="_new">RAID Levels</A>

It seems like a well done explanation, so I hope it helps you choose which RAID you wish to implement, if it even does that. :smile:


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June 5, 2002 5:49:40 AM

Raid 5 have good read speed but bad write speed.
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June 5, 2002 9:22:48 AM

Good info there btvillarin. Simple, clear and concise. That's a bookmark post. Thanks.

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June 5, 2002 9:13:47 PM

Raid 5 have good read speed but bad write speed.

With a good controller the bad write speed is minimized, but that is true.

What are you going to be running? I'd tend to say RAID 5 would be better, but it's not quite clear-cut.

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June 6, 2002 1:16:58 AM

Faster - yes
Just as fault tolerant- yes
More Costly- oh yes

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June 6, 2002 2:53:43 AM

RAID 5 will be faster at writing then RAID 1, and MUCH MUCH faster at reading. Keep in mind RAID 1 is a mirrored set and it a hair slower then a single drive. In RAID 1 you lose half your space, in 5 you lose 1 drives worth outta the array. If you are not interested in data protection as you say, go with RAID 0 (striped set) as its the fastest. Just keep in mind with RAID 0 that if one drive dies ALL the data is lost!!

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June 6, 2002 6:34:32 AM

Dood, if you want speed, use Level 0.

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June 6, 2002 4:23:19 PM

No problem, broham. It's good to be lucky sometimes... :lol: 

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