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I'm having bit of a pickle with my directx. First I noticed with one game asking for "d3dx9_42.dll" which I thought to be easily fixed. I downloaded newest redist of directx and tried installing but after a bit in the install the installer returns as "internal error" and it seems to do nothing. Same with the webpatcher. After a bit of forum surfing and use of google I applied the said .dll from redists .cab files directly to windows/system32 folder, restarted and hoped for the best. Didn't work and now I'm at a loss.

I'm still using the RC (iirc build 7100) version of the windows 7, might this be the problem?
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  1. thats a file needed by some older games!
  2. Then I'm even more puzzled why would I get this error with new game like Aliens versus Predator (demo version)?
  3. install directx from game cd. There is two directx parts end user that comes with windows and You download with updates. and the other is developer part that comes with the game. This normally installs together with game. If it didn't run it manually from cd.
  4. Same problem as with the downloaded installer, after awhile it gives internal error. I checked the error logs and there is no indication to the problem, only loads of "already installed" for different files. I haven't tried installing the SDK version, but I'm in the understanding that it is only for developers.
  5. thats odd , i only got this when installing older games!
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