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i'm looking at buying a new case for my computer. i've seen the lian-li aluminum cases at my local comp-usa and after reading several posts here they seem to be a good case. i've checked newegg and they have several ones listed. i've narrowed it down to 2 cases, the pc-7 ($110) and the pc-30($141). i plan on putting an enermax 431 power supply in it and an extasy ti4200. i'm still up in the air on the rest of the set-up.

my question is does anyone have any experience with these cases/power supply combo?

thanks in advance.
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  1. I have an Lian-LI PC60 with Enermax EG365P. They work great.
  2. I have the PC-7 with the same Enermax. You have to take off the bottom fan for it to fit in, but no big deal.
    The only difference I know of between the two Lian-Lis you mention is that the more expensive one has a slide-out motherboard tray. Very useful if you play with your hardware a lot.

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  3. The slide out tray is nice but not necessary. I have the PC60U, I got for $141 including shipping. Remember if you buy from the store you pay tax. So calculate that and figure out which is cheaper. I bought mine at A lot of people are looking at cases designed by specialist companies in Taiwan or Antec or modded cases with windows, but none of these I believe comes with a better package and design than the PC60U. This is purely from a utilitarian point of view. The other cases are nice eye candy and might wow your friends the first time they come over but that's about all the advantage I see they have over the lian-li cases. Also most aluminum cases have way too many rivets, but the lian-li cases use screws so more things are detachable.

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  4. "I have the PC-7 with the same Enermax. You have to take off the bottom fan for it to fit in, but no big deal."

    I was planning on getting the PC60 /w a 350W Enermax Whisper PSU... what exactly is it you have to do to the PSU... from what I've read it's because it's oriented in the wrong direction? What does taking out the fan do to performance?

  5. I think the newer Enermax PSU will not have the problem.
  6. go to:
    and see the video reviews
    on one of the vedio will show you how to fit it in
    but if the newer enermax fixed the problem
    that would be a big Woohoo!!

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    I'll be able sit infront of my PC for months
  7. wow, that video review was quite nice... thanks everyone, at first it hought you had to like permanently take out the fan :P.
  8. I got a PC-65, but it is basically the same as the PC-60 I believe. The cases are pretty expensive but I believe it was worth every penny. It is really easy to work with and easy to continously tinker with your system.

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  9. No, just temporarily. And sorry, it's just the fan grill, not the fan itself. My bad.

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