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on a ericson t2xx /3xx which of these pins used for charging is +5v dc
? which is the ground? thanks
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    on the web i found the t200 is compatible with the other ericssons below
    ..but i didnt find which pin is +5v and which is GND.

    i thank you for any input

    - T610 / T630 / Z600 series
    - P800 / P900 series
    - T230 / Z200 / T300 / T310 / T68 series
    - T100 / T200 / T600 series
    - T65 / T66 / R600 series
    - T20 / T28 / T29 / T39 series
    - R310 / R320 / R520 / R380 series
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