Hyundai Q17: Second opinions?

Have any other sites reviewed the Q17? I'd like to read other opinions and test environments, but I can't find anything anywhere. I'm not saying anything about the review here, but for such a big investment and with no possibility to test before purchase, I'd like to here read some alternative reviews.
Also if you have one of these, post your experiences.

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  1. Can you give me until next week...?
    Mine should be delivered on the 3rd...

    (one thing I did was find people I know with LCD's already and got all the stats on them. then did some gaming on their monitors....not the most scientific way to do things but if I could play UT2K3 on a 35ms Dell monitor relatively well I have high hopes for the Q17)

    "It's a common conceit in games: play, die, reload, and ride the karmic wheel of kick-ass, until you get it right"
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