How do I uninstall a program not in control panel or cc cleaner?

Yeah question says it all. The program in question was stored in drive D which is a partition of my main drive. Even CC cleaner cant even find the program. So how do I get rid of the program? I can't just delete it to free up space cant i?
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  1. you could try using revo uninstaller
  2. Some programs are simply written to be self contained, in which case deleteing the folder it's in essentially uninstalls/removes the program.

    Also, check it's program group in the start menu. Some will have the uninstall option there, although it should still be available via the control panel's add/remove programs (programs and features).
  3. I have 'just deleted' a few pesky programmes that don't list an uninstall in my time. Post delete you should run ccleaner to clean up any dross left behind. Even then it won't find it all. You would then have to run regedit and do a search for the programmes name and delete any further references. Even then you should re-run ccleaner as it could find more missed stuff. As a clean-up tool I find Auslogics Registry Cleaner also quite useful, and it's free.

    As a little tip you can rename the programmes directory and see if it gives you any problems first before deleting.

    The alternatives are...

    1. Re-install the programme and then uninstall from the re-created uninstall entry. There is still no guarantee to remove all traces of your unwanted programmes. Hence your ccleaner use I suppose.

    2. Re-install your OS. Last resort if you can't stand the 'just delete' option.
  4. is there something wrong with just deleting it? I'm only worried of the space anyways
  5. It depends on the type of programme you are trying to uninstall.

    If for instance it is mobile phone software, that comes with drivers for hardware and if not properly uninstalled can lead to trouble and BSODs in future. Best to perform good removal practices.

    If it's a game, just deleting should not cause any real harm to your OS. A good removal will leave your machine in a more optimal state.

    I have 'fixed' many friends computers that have 'gone slow' over the years and it's generally the dross left over from old programmes (whether uninstalled or just deleted) and unused programmes residing on the machine that make an impact.

    Limiting all the extras run at start-up helps to but that's another topic.
  6. ohhh its just a game, thanks for letting me know
  7. de5_Roy said:
    you could try using revo uninstaller

    thank you for providing
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