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I'm planning to build a new system and I need some reccomendations for P4 system with USB 2 (preferebly under $500 for CPU/MB/MEM configuration) . My options/questions:

1) What is better 2.26GHz/Asus P4S533/Samsung 333MHz DDR or 2.0AGHz/Intel D850EMV2/Kingston RDRAM

2) What is better, having a 533FSB over 400FSB or instead of faster FSB get more CPU power or RAM?

3) System will be mainly used for Video-in from VCR to encode into DVD-R. What do you think is enough CPU Ghz to be able to receive and instantly encode playback from VCR-NTSC? My estimate is 2Ghz.

Thank you very much for any comments or suggestions, your feedback will be very appreciated.
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  1. Why compare an Asus board to an Intel board? You could get the Asus P4T533-C, and use Kingston on that, it works for most people (the few it didn't work for I suspect had bad RAM). Also, that board will allow you to run your PC1066 at the proper speed, while the Intel board will treat it as PC800.

    PC1066 will help in your quest for real-time MPG2 software encoding.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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