Dlink Dir-657 keeps losing internet connection on wifi devices only

Dlink Dir-657 keeps losing internet connection on wifi devices only . the connection remains to the router but no internet .if I disconnect the connection i am unable to reconnect to the router until i reboot it. My internet remains on my network cabled devices .I am running on an empty channel 3 , usually happens 20 to 60 minutes after the router is up . Dlink sent me a replacement refurbished one and this one is doing the same thing . I owned the original one for about 5 months with no problems at all ,no new electronics in the house and have not changed the placement of the router . Any help would be great ,before i call dlink back.
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  1. try a different channel. it is possible something is interfering with the wireless like a neighbor's wifi, cordless phone, baby monitor, etc.
  2. I have tried several channels and the same problem. I have figured out that there is a compatibility problem between the Dlink DIR657 and my Samsung Galaxy Nexus ,I have read similar threads and tried leaving the phone on data only and the router works fine . I also have an older dir601 that i configured the same and that works great with the Nexus. Leads me to believe that there is a compatibility issue with the 2 devices.
  3. Wellllll ,after doing some reading ,switching to TKIP only and mixed mode n,g seems to have fixed the problem. Its strange because the DIR-601 i have works fine in AES and N only. Not sure if its the Nexus or the DIR-657.
  4. I had this same issue with my new DIR-657 - I also have a Samsung phone on the network. I tried switching to TKIP only and mixed mode n,g but it did not fix the issue. I called Dlink support and they had me change the wireless channel off the default to CH11 (Setup/Wireless). They also had me go to Setup/Parental Controls and under Security Options change the default value of Advanced DNS to None: Static IP or Obtain Automatically from ISP. Fixed it.
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