Yet another Windows 7 new installation hanging at "Starting Windows"

My BIOS is ASUS a7n8x2.0 ACPI BIOS Rev 1005

The machine is an Alienware.

AMD Athlon processor. 1 GB memory.

I turned off the USB onboard. I switched from DVI to VGA. . .

What else do I need to do?

Thank you.

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  1. pop the win 7 disc in and start the pc , but put your cd/dvd drive as the first boot device in the bios .. after it boots it should give options on how to fix , I use xp myself so I dont know the exact procedure
  2. Except it doesn't do that, it just asks me about installing Win 7.
  3. I should also say that my power supply is an Antec 450 Watt (Model: SP-450).
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