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I bought this router last fall. Installed without issue. When originally installed it showed all of the machines in my home in the Client Table. About a month ago I went looking for the ip address of my Amahi Server and noticed that it wasn't there and in fact only 4 machines were listed, out of nine that use the router. Today I went looking for another ip address in the client table and discovered it no longer listed any. Went to Cisco and got the latest firmware update but after installing it, no change to the client table. Should I be looking for a new router? Is this one on it's way out? I've been to Cisco forums and seen similar posts for other models and most said a firmware upgrade would fix, but it didn't.
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  1. If you have either v1.0 or v2.0 of the e1000, you might want to try dd-wrt (third party firmware). Works better anyway, and w/ a lot more features and capabilities.
  2. Funny I looked there a few months back and couldn't find my router listed. But I see it now.
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