Next fall best time to buy computer?

I've been looking around trying to put together a computer just for games. Some posts made it look like next fall would be the best time to get a good video card (forget what its called). Also the K8 will come out (when?) Should I wait till next fall/winter to get a new computer or go ahead and make one now? Thanks.
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  1. There will always be new stuff coming out. If you needed it now then get it now.
  2. Upec tells the truth. If you buy today, tommorow or next week it's not the fastest anymore.
    You just have to draw a line in the dirt and say "I buy today".

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  3. i started thinking about building a system two-three months ago, since then i've changed just about every damn component several times, but next month im definitivly going to stop and order the components.....if now only that thoroughbred processor would come.....and the Matrox Parhelia....and....and...(get the point?)
  4. Thats very true. What are the specs on the Matrox Parhelia?Thanks for the replies.
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