Westell 7500 / airport extreme bridge set up

Ok so I searched and found out how to make my westell 7500 a bridge (no idea if this actually worked or not but I'll assume it did since I could no longer access the internet)
first disabled wireless. I'm not sure if it was a necessary step or not, but I didn't want to take a chance of the westell broadcasting anything.

1. Turn off DHCP on your westell 7500
2. Configure the first VC port to Bridge-Bridge mode
3. Keep hitting "apply" in the windows until the 7500 reboots
4. Plug the "Internet" port on the Netgear to one of the normal ethernet ports on the 7500
5. Turn on the Netgear and wait for the green Internet light to go solid

So I did these steps and plugged the ethernet from port 1 (not the internet/WAN port) of the westell into the WAN port of the airport extreme. (I also tried port 1 of airport extreme just to get it to work.) Nothing happend. My airport extreme never went green.

Can anyone help? Is there something I need to be doing to my airport extreme? I want to use the airport extreme as my main router (since it's wireless N) and just use the westell to get the DSL. The ISP is century link.
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  1. You probably also need to configure the WAN of the airport extreme to use PPPoE (it likely defaults to DHCP) and provide the username/password for the PPPoE connection. I'm assuming, of course, that bridge mode is no longer doing this (maybe it is, you need to check/verify because either the Westel or your airport extreme must establish the PPPoE connection).
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