"turn your LCD monitor into a TV" kind of thing

anyone have experience with this? I thought I might get one in the future instead of a TV card just so I can get past windows and not worry about it crashing while im watching my favorite show.... TV cards cost almost the same so why not?
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  1. Are you talking about just getting an MP monitor which has the coaxial connector on the monitor...or something else?

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  2. no im talking about this device that connects to your monitor and can accept TV type connections...
  3. Do you mean a TV tuner box? A peripheral which is independant from PC instead of a TV tuner card (AGP interface)which will be affected whenever your PC get problem. This is a good idea. I have seem a promotion from BenQ FP791 + Tuner box.

  4. I'm trying to choose between the Sceptre X7SV-Naga+ and Samsung SyncMaster 1701MP monitors since I need a LCD monitor with built in TV tuner but my main purpose will be for playing games. I think the Sceptre has a faster response time but the Samsung has better image quality. Which one would be a better overall choice? Also do they have connections for component/monster video cables (for playing PS2 in high definition mode)?
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