New modem, d/c every 15min via router

Can anybody help me with my situation?

My ISP just installed a new modem for the internet (cable), but my router doesn't seem to like it because after about 15 minutes, it stops working. To get it working again, I found out I had to reset both the modem and the router. I'm pretty sure the problem is caused by the router because I had absolutely no problem when I connected directly to the modem. This router was working fine when I had DSL a few weeks ago, though. Suggestions?

I contacted my ISP and tried what you said. No luck, though. They think it might be the ethernet cables, which I already played around with beforehand and nothing changed. Anyway, they weren't much of a help. I also tried google, but this problem is fairly specific and I don't really have the proper knowledge to know what exactly to search for.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What's the make/model of router?
  2. belkin wireless g router version 2000
  3. Do a factory reset on the Belkin router and try again. It's not generally a good practice to move the router to another configure without a complete reset. Too much chance their’s some configuration option/setting left from the prior setup that the new setup doesn't like.
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