Wireless network adapter not under device manager

Im not really sure whats wrong but i know that there is no wireless connection icon under network connections neither is there a device listed under network adapters in the device manager. My laptop used to connect to wi-fi but i think somehow the adapter was uninstalled or just plain broke... is there any easy way to find out if i can just reinstall it or if i need a usb adapter now?
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  1. Most laptops have either a hard or soft button to enable/disable the wireless radio (check the manual). Perhaps you accidentally disabled it? Or (somewhat less likely), the wireless device has been disabled in the BIOS (you usually have to hit Del or F2 when the system boots to enter BIOS and make changes).
  2. If you can't find the "button" to enable the wireless, you can try doing a system restore to a date that it last worked.
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